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Schon Pharmaceuticals Limited is a professionally managed public limited company based at Indore, with more than three decades of experience in pharmaceutical manufacturing and product development. With constant endeavour we have successfully developed and marketed more than 400 products in both domestic as well as international markets.

Schon Pharmaceuticals has a state-of-art formulation manufacturing unit which comprises of Dry Injection, Liquid Injection, Dry syrup, Capsule, Tablet, Syrup/Suspension and Ointment sections.

With well established and equipped Quality control and Quality Assurance departments in place, we deliver products with outmost quality and efficacy. Our experienced staff, world class automatic machines and impeccable SOPs help us to keep our promise of in time delivery, responsiveness and product quality.

The three most pronounced values of Schon Pharmaceuticals are Honesty, Transparency and Hard Work which are imbibed by everyone in the organisation and very well reflected in our products